Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Re: [puma-news] Plateau herbicide

Hi Jennifer,

At 4 ounces per acre, I couldn't even come close to using a quart. I suspect
most of us only have small parts of our acreage affected by cheat grass. So
perhaps puma could make the initial investment and then request a minimum
donation (say $20) for its use. Puma would make a little money that could be
used for other projects, and the rest of us would save money. (And the cheat
grass would be gone.) Win win.



Quoting Jennifer and Dan <>:

> Dear friends,
> Plateau can be ordered online from Prairie Source (
> Cost:
> 1 gallon $340
> 1 Quart $125
> This is the first source I have checked out, but it gives us an idea
> what to expect. Pricey, huh?
> "According to university tests, cheatgrass can be sprayed in the spring,
> but better control is achievable in the late summer and early fall.
> ---uses four ounces of product per acre---" Shane Novacek PRIMEDIA
> Business Magazines & Media
> One ( me?) assumes that it gets mixed with water.
> Should PUMA buy some for all of us? Or should we go it alone?
> Discussion open.
> Your opinions, please --- as a first step.
> Best,
> J

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