Monday, February 23, 2015

Mamma Moose and Other News

Yesterday, on my way up to the top of the ridge, skis in hand, I waited for Mamma Moose and yearling to cross the trail in front of me.

Don't mess with moose, especially in protective mamma mode.  They can sprint to 50 miles an hour, and weigh only slightly less than a freight train.  A couple of my mountain bike neighbors got treed surprising Momma. I'll take the hint. thank you.

Pm the subject of skiing - the snow is deep enough now, and the forecasted  temperatures cold enough  so that it is worth laying down a good solid track.  Looks like I'll be making good use of it the next couple of weeks.  There are usually one or two weeks in the winter where it days below freezing for the whole week.  We had one such stretch around the new years, and it looks like there is another one coming up, starting in a couple of days.

BTW, looks like my moose encounters are part of a trend: