Saturday, March 04, 2006

[puma-news] map of USFS parcels for sale

Neighbors --

I've tried to put together some maps that show the
parcels for sale in ways that may help you better
visualize where they are.

is an aerial image of our neighborhood from Google
Earth, stretching from Barker Reservoir on the left
to the intersection of CR-68 and Aspen Way on the
right. To the top are sections along Ridge Road
north of Boulder Canyon Rd. To the lower left are
regions around Tungsten Mountain, southwest of
Giggey pond. The darker areas are forested.

is from the official government web site, showing
a crude map of the roads. Light green areas are
existing USFS lands. Hatched regions bordered in
dark green are suggested for sale. The individual
squares are a quarter-mile on a side.

is a merger of the two previous views. The overlap
isn't perfect, but it can help you compare the
land-sale sites with natural features.

The rightmost box is the portion that the Pine Glade
neighborhood surrounds. To its left is a portion
that includes the northern slopes of the high
point reached, for instance, from Boy Scout Trails
that has a glorious view of the Divide.

The 3 contiguous parcels to the south of the last
two are just east of Deadman's Curve and just south
of Scott Reuman's, a section of forest that PUMA
volunteers helped to document as part of the
Winiger Ridge Project. Two more parcels abut
the intersection of Lazy Z and Magnolia. West of
them is a block that contains the high hill
surrounded by hiking/mountain bike trails (and
an unused USFS road) that is very popular.

Many more for-sale parcels are in the Tungsten
Mountain vicinity, and northeast of Nederland
in the vicinity of Ridge Road. Of course, many
other large parcels of interest are off the
map, such as enormous parcels between St. Mary's
glacier and James Peak.

Most of these parcels are, in fact, contiguous
with large stretches of existing USFS lands.

Clark Chapman