Monday, June 27, 2005

[puma-news] night visitor

No, this isn't the story about Amahl. But we did have a visitor last
night. With no organic trash around, a bear (presumably) upset a number
of things. A trash can with non-organic "stuff" from the shed we were
cleaning out was turned over and spread around. An empty 5 gallon
bucket had its lid removed. The best part was that the bear got into
another 5 gallon bucket that had paint in it. It was running down a
section of our land. There were some roundish prints left by the animal
that were about 4-5" in diamter. Then the critter decided to finger
paint the side of a wood boiler shed and the windows of my car. So if
you see a bear with a tan foot or two, this is how he/she got it. This
was at 319 Pine Glade Rd. The really strange thing about all this is
that it took place not that far from the open window of our bedroom and
our dog was not woken by this--there must have been some noise
associated with this since several other things were knocked over.


Allen and LaVonne

[puma-news] Wild geranium

Wild geraniums are blooming now, looking nothing like their domestic
cousins. The pink ones, shown here, are Geranium caespitosum, in the


[puma-news] help needed

Looking for someone to help with yard work/weed pulling for approx. 3-4
at $15/hr. - any time July 1-3 or 8-10. Call Joy at 303 258-0717

This could keep some enterprising teen-ager busy for quite a while!