Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Horned Owl Vs. the Flock of Ravens

After living up here long enough, you know that whenever a large flock of ravens gathers, there there is food nearby. Usually, it means that something has died...

So I pulled on my over boots and post holed through 2 feet of snow into the direction of the noisy flock of ravens.

As I got to the epicenter, I saw a white owl fly off. It was hugging the ground because it was carrying something heavy away.

A closer inspection of the area that the owl came from showed a spot of blood and tufts of rabbit fur. Evidently, a rabbit had hopped out from its home under a log and onto a snow bank. It presumably was sniffing the air for signs of spring, because there was nothing but a deep blanket of white in all directions.

Perhaps the rabbit was to hungry to go on, because the owl, also hungry did not miss its chance.

As the owl flew away, the large flock of raven followed it. But they stayed safely out of reach by staying up above the tree tops.

The ravens must have been hungry too, but they where not about to become owl dinner as well.