Sunday, January 16, 2011

What is a Dragon Fruit?

I'll admit, the above picture has NOTHING to do with what's happening around here, unlike most of my blog posts. However, I was adventure shopping at the Pacific Asian Market in Broomfield and I noticed they had FRESH dragon fruits. I had never seen this fruit fresh, only dried.

I HAD to try one and thanks to, I learned how to get one ready to eat. The shell on the left has had the meat scooped out. The outer shell is not edible. The shell on the right has the diced meat in it. The black dots are seeds, like in kiwi. The meat is sort of watery, with the consistency of watermelon. It has a slightly sweet taste. It kind of felt like I was eating a "negative calorie" food, but after a few bites it grew on me and I had no trouble eating the all the contents of the fruit.

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