Friday, June 17, 2005

[puma-news] Jim Hill mustard

Here's the last one for today. This mustard can get pretty big. It
dries and then blows away, becoming a tumble mustard" spreading its
seeds as it goes. Also not hard to pull up.

Seek and destroy!


[puma-news] mustards

I know you didn't ask, but here are two more, not so hard to root out of
the ground.


[puma-news] Fieldcress

This plant, known as Neolepia campestre, or Lapidium campestre, is an
introduced mustard. I have just busted my butt for about two hours
destroying as much as I could in a depressingly small area. I feared it
might be a perennial, as Weber doesn't indicate anything about its
status at all, and Weeds of the West Doesn't even list it! So, to the
Thankfully, it is not a perennial, but an annual or biennial. I'll tell
you, however, that some of them had roots straight to Hades. I would
advise you to do as much as you can as soon as possible on this one,
because if it's allowed to stay around, it will only grow huge and
ferocious with horns and gnashing teeth!
Of course, we have a lot of invasive mustards, and we need to work on
all of them, but this one is a dilly. You will need a weeding tool.
As with all weeds, bag all flowers and seed heads. Mail them to your
worst enemy.