Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tick, Tick, Tick - Signs of Spring

7 signs of spring up here to the Rocky Mountains.

1) I find a tick crawling around in the kitchen. No idea how it got there.

2) The frogs in the old beaver pond are signing love songs to each other.

3) The far off neighbor is redecorating the attic room. I can hear him hammering and sawing away through his open window.

4) The cliff swallow have been swooping and diving in search of flying spring insects for a week now.

5) The cats have suddenly noticed that there's an out there out there.

6) I can't find a patch of snow anywhere

7) The grass is growing, the flowers are budding, and the Aspens are greening.

Bonuses - I've put the house plants outside - making more room inside and the local estrogen dominant homo sapien's oxytocin levels have shot through the roof, causing an instinctive cleaning and organizing frenzy - i.e. it's spring cleaning time around here.