Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Re: [puma-news] Looking for an electrician

Peak to Peak Electric has done some small jobs for us. Good work and
reasonable rates. 303-258-7927.

Darrin Buehler wrote:

> Greetings all,
> I live on Lazy Z road (off magnolia) with my wife, Jennifer and
> daughter, Andrea.
> The other day the partial power in my garage and now my electric doors
> don't function, and I lost power to my back-up fridge.
> I checked to see if just needed to be "re-booted" or to replace one of
> the fuses, but without success.
> I like to drive business to the locals. Is there anyone with some
> background in these matters that can a) get us up and running again
> and b) help me evaluate if I overpowered things by plugging in this
> back-up fridge. The last thing I want is a fire!
> I work from home so I can be around during the week - and to be clear,
> this is a for-pay request.
> Thanks,
> Darrin Buehler
> home (303) 442-8891
> cell (303) 882-4422
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