Tuesday, June 14, 2005

RE: [puma-news] Bear on Deck

I was outside hackin away at the cheat grass day before yesterday about 10 am when I saw Doc (the border collie) tearing down the meadow past me.  It took me a couple seconds to spot his object - a medium size black bear working his way down the meadow about 200 feet away.  The dog chased him off, over the barbed wire fence where doc was stopped by his radio collar. The bear disappeared into the aspen grove at the end of Hazelwood.  Although I hadn't noticed him/her, there was no way the bear was not aware of my presence - seems remarkably bold.
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Thanks, Terry.  We've had two visits (that we know of) by a bear.  One was at the edge of our back yard area (dusk), right near the woods.  He wasn't in any hurry to leave, even after three blasts of the air horn.   The bears are quite bold this spring!
Rosalie (and Jerry)
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Hi All

Forgot about the sunflower seed birdfeeder last night.  I was awaken at
5:15 AM by my barking dog.  It was a medium?? sized black bear who wouldn't
move off the deck from all the barking and me yelling "GET OFF!"  So I got
pot and pan and opened the door and started banging BUT Alfalfa ran out on
the deck and chased the bear off the deck and then up a few trees.  Finally
the bear is "gone."  Not too much damage to the birdfeeder but I'll
remember each night now.

Terry Greenberg

RE: [puma-news] Dangerous situation near 119 and Magnolia

I noticed yesterday that the hideous, huge electronic sign at the beginning
of the Canyon from Boulder (the one that tells people that the roads could
be slick when it snows) had a message about Rock Scaling operations and
being prepared for delays. Possibly in response to these events as it
wasn't there before.
Fay Benson

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Subject: [puma-news] Dangerous situation near 119 and Magnolia

We have to warn you that, because of negligence by
the Colorado Dept. of Transportation and a private
firm, there is inadequate warnings concerning the
road construction on Canyon near the intersection
with Magnolia. In particular, the company has
failed to adequately warn drivers driving to the
west around the sharp turn before approaching
Magnolia that there might be stopped traffic at
the turn.

On Friday afternoon, around 5 pm, 2 hours after the
long-advertised work was supposed to be stopped,
and during the commuter hour, I rounded the bend and
had to stop suddenly because of stopped cars. The
*first* sign warning of stoppages and delays was
still in *front* of me. I waited in fear as the next
three cars rounded the bend and screeched to a stop,
instead of crashing into me and each other.

Early this morning (Monday) I sent an email to Bill
Aldorfer of the CDOT and also posted the same message
on the CDOT website contact form, demanding that
they place signs east of the bend and preferably
have a flagger, warning of stopped cars. I never
heard back.

This evening, my wife reported that she was nearly
killed at the exact same location around noon today
when she was driving east around the same curve,
and suddenly encountered a tractor-trailer truck
in *her* lane, who had swerved to avoid stopped
cars at the curve; she swerved off the road and
barely missed the truck, and has been shaking
ever since.

I have contacted the Colorado State Patrol and
spoken with Al Rois of CDOT this evening, as well
as leaving a message on the answering machine
of the contractor. I hope that they will get
serious about this situation. But meanwhile, you
should be extremely cautious when driving on the
section of 119 within half-a-mile of the Magnolia

Clark (and Y) Chapman