Tuesday, June 28, 2005

[puma-news] Missing mail

Has anyone seen our Saturday mail? We had our neighbors' mail in our
box, and nothing for us. Dan was expecting at least three films from
Netflix. We were hoping that it was merely misplaced and that someone
would let us know where it went ---


[puma-news] Plateau herbicide

Dear friends,
Plateau can be ordered online from Prairie Source (Prairiesource.com). 
1 gallon  $340
1 Quart  $125

This is the first source I have checked out, but it gives us an idea what to expect.  Pricey, huh?

"According to university tests, cheatgrass can be sprayed in the spring, but better control is achievable in the late summer and early fall.  ---uses four ounces of product per acre---"  Shane Novacek   PRIMEDIA Business Magazines & Media

One ( me?) assumes that it gets mixed with water. 

Should PUMA buy some for all of us?  Or should we go it alone?  Discussion open.

Your opinions, please --- as a first step.


[puma-news] Mexican Blanket

This showy flower, Gaillardia pinnatifida, is in the Asteraceae. Look
for it up and down Magnolia Road and in meadows.


Re: [puma-news] night visitor

This sounds like the same bear that has been pulling over our trash can
to get the cat litter out. That's all that we put in there until the
morning of the trash pick-up. Its happened about three times, and I'm
surprised that he or she has not found better places to look for food.

If this bear is the one that we saw Sunday evening walking through our
yard, its a medium-sized, blond-brown bear. This was about 7:00 pm. The
bear saw and/ or heard us from about 200 feet away (we were behind our
wire fences) and left the area after only a minute or so.


On Jun 27, 2005, at 7:45 PM, gordona@magnoliaroad.net wrote:

> No, this isn't the story about Amahl. But we did have a visitor last
> night. With no organic trash around, a bear (presumably) upset a
> number of things. A trash can with non-organic "stuff" from the shed
> we were cleaning out was turned over and spread around. An empty 5
> gallon bucket had its lid removed. The best part was that the bear
> got into another 5 gallon bucket that had paint in it. It was running
> down a section of our land. There were some roundish prints left by
> the animal that were about 4-5" in diamter. Then the critter decided
> to finger paint the side of a wood boiler shed and the windows of my
> car. So if you see a bear with a tan foot or two, this is how he/she
> got it. This was at 319 Pine Glade Rd. The really strange thing
> about all this is that it took place not that far from the open window
> of our bedroom and our dog was not woken by this--there must have been
> some noise associated with this since several other things were
> knocked over.
> Cheers,
> Allen and LaVonne

[puma-news] more bears

And while we're on the subject of bears...I have had several encounters with
bears during the day. This shift toward diurnal activity strongly suggests
that their fears of humans which made them nocturnal have begun to erode. I
expect more in the future. Please do whatever you can to make noise, throw
rocks, (rubber bullets???) to keep them safely afraid of us or they and we
will be in a pickle (sweet or dill I'm not certain).

Scott Campbell Reuman
Conundrum Designs, Inc.
Nederland, CO