Friday, June 10, 2005

RE: [puma-news] tracker trailer access on Pine Glade?

After watching a large truck dig out of the ditches (both sides at once) of
Pine Glade just short of Range, maybe you should check out bringing the
moving van down 68 until it connects to Aspen Meadows, then up. They form a
sort of loop together and I think that's the route a friend of mine used
when they had a large horse trailer. Yes, coming in from 119 near the
Sundance is required.
Fay Benson

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There was a large moving van at the house on the corner of CR 68 and
Magnolia a week or so ago. They would have to come from Peak to Peak
Hwy and not up the front side of Magnolia. I suspect that one could
possibly navigate down to aspen meadows from the magnolia road-pine
glade intersection. The turn onto pine glade from CR 68 is rather tight.

Allen wrote:

> We are trying to get something delivered to our house on Pine Glade that
>has to come in a tracker trailer -- e.g. moving van -- and was wondering
>if anyone knows if such a large truck could make it to us? Can't recall
>seeing a moving van in the Aspen Meadows/Pine Glade area in the last 12
>years, but wondering if anyone knows if it is even possible and what
>route they would take.
> Thanks,
> Brian