Sunday, August 14, 2005

[puma-news] hardwood sale

We have a cord of dry split hardwood (elm) for immediate sale at $200.
If you can reply very soon, we could get it to you immediately!

[puma-news] cheatgrass and herbicides

Here are several links which should help answer many of the questions
about cheatgrass control using Plateau Herbicide. We will work up a
series of instructions concerning application with the PUMA sprayers.
Cost to current PUMA members will be 50% of the cost to PUMA (paid your
dues?). Cost to non-members will be full cost. (This product cost PUMA
about $640 for 2 gallons.)


[puma-news] PUMA dues

Some people were not sure if they had paid dues for 2005 yet.
According to our records, the only paid members of PUMA are:

Bargmann, Rosalie, Griess, Jerry

Border, Bill

Cowart, James & Todd

Dexter, Don & Pennie

Gilmore, Julie & Steve

Long, Ed & Cherie

I guess that doesn't include us!

Dan and Jennifer