Wednesday, September 21, 2005

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Dear Puma Friends,
I've been feeling a strong desire to meet with Puma people
to discuss a number of matters. I wonder if anyone else would like
to meet and talk at a regular PUMA meeting time 1st Thursday of Oct.
and/or Nov.
Please let me know......

Here are some topics I'd like to share about and hear from
others about:
--Increasing opportunities to carpool....1x or more a week: to save
on oil/gas usage, to save people money and to build community

--introducing Boulder Skill Share, a way to exchange services with
others on a time basis

--talking about alternative food shopping at the local Nederland and
Boulder Cooperative markets

--increasing services being provided by and for our community here on
Magnolia Rd. to cut down on having to travel to Boulder or Nederland


Bonnie Sundance
Caring for the Earth, all beings and working for Peace & Justice

Re: [puma-news] Looking for an electrician

/Also Positive Energy
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Peak to Peak Electric has done some small jobs for us. Good work and
reasonable rates. 303-258-7927.

Darrin Buehler wrote:

> Greetings all,
> I live on Lazy Z road (off magnolia) with my wife, Jennifer and
> daughter, Andrea.
> The other day the partial power in my garage and now my electric doors
> don't function, and I lost power to my back-up fridge.
> I checked to see if just needed to be "re-booted" or to replace one of
> the fuses, but without success.
> I like to drive business to the locals. Is there anyone with some
> background in these matters that can a) get us up and running again
> and b) help me evaluate if I overpowered things by plugging in this
> back-up fridge. The last thing I want is a fire!
> I work from home so I can be around during the week - and to be clear,
> this is a for-pay request.
> Thanks,
> Darrin Buehler
> home (303) 442-8891
> cell (303) 882-4422
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[puma-news] free Cd burner

I have a CD burner you can have for free. Excellent condition. (I upgraded
to DVD). First come...


Scott Campbell Reuman
Conundrum Designs, Inc.
Nederland, CO