Saturday, July 09, 2005

[puma-news] Rental

Dear Puma Friends,
I am seeking a woman house mate or 2 women to share two rooms in
my home, for $600 plus extra for phone, utilities, Internet. It is located
just off Magnolia Road near mile marker 6.

Available in July or August.

If you know of someone, they can see my ad on
Craigslist-Denver/Boulder-Rooms to Share under 9 July 05....:

Bonnie Sundance

Bonnie Sundance
Caring for the Earth, all beings and working for Peace & Justice

[puma-news] Gilpin plagiarism

Dear Friends,
Having just had a near disaster, I am anxious to let everyone know that
Gilpin County has "Pine Glade Drive." This can slow the HCFD
considerably. When calling 911, it is imperative that they are told we
are Pine Glade off of Magnolia Road in Boulder County, or the fire truck
may end up elsewhere.
All is well now, but just minutes before we were to leave for a short
trip, our camper caught fire. We put it out ourselves within minutes,
but HCFD arrived anyway, checked things out for us, and told us about
the imposter Pine Glade.
Thanks to all the fellows who left hot coffee and Saturday chores to
come and help us out!

Best to all,
Jennifer and Dan