Sunday, September 18, 2005

[puma-news] Snowplow

I just found out that my snowplow contractor for the winter - Sugarloaf
Services -
will no longer be in business. Can anyone recommend a good person or
for plowing?
Thanks so much.
Joy Om

RE: [puma-news] Looking for an electrician

Greetings all,

I live on Lazy Z road (off magnolia) with my wife, Jennifer and daughter,

The other day the partial power in my garage and now my electric doors don't
function, and I lost power to my back-up fridge.

I checked to see if just needed to be "re-booted" or to replace one of the
fuses, but without success.

I like to drive business to the locals. Is there anyone with some background
in these matters that can a) get us up and running again and b) help me
evaluate if I overpowered things by plugging in this back-up fridge. The
last thing I want is a fire!

I work from home so I can be around during the week - and to be clear, this
is a for-pay request.


Darrin Buehler
home (303) 442-8891
cell (303) 882-4422

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