Wednesday, November 16, 2005

[puma-news] Magnoila raw milk co-op

Hi all,

we are a small co-op formed in April of '05, currently of 7 members in
the Magnolia area who have bought "shares" of a dairy cow, (legally
approved of in Colorado) through Guidestone Farm, (also associated
with Sunrise Ranch) and Ebert Farms, located near Loveland and Byers.
They have a small herd of about 12? cows or thereabouts. We are
looking for an additional 2 or 3 people who would also like to join us
and share in the benefits of raw milk and other produce the farm

This requires that you be a
<color><param>0000,0000,FFFB</param>responsible</color> person able to
commit to the picking up of your share/s of milk at our Magnolia
location every weekend, and be able to happily do your share of the
driving to the farm, (1 time per X number of weeks depending on number
of current members) We would like to have 9 or 10 total members, as
this would allow each of us to drive to the Loveland farm location
only once every 9 or 10 weeks and keeps the number of coolers
necessary to about three. The drive is 1 hour and 15 min. one way from

In addition to this there is a rotation of small jobs that help our
group to function as a co-op, such as making a driving schedule once
every 3 -4 months, being the e-mail point person, keeping the order
sheet up to date, hosting the pick-up site, helping get the monthly
milk payments in, etc.

Costs involved: there is a <color><param>0000,0000,FFFC</param>one
time </color>buy-in fee, you legally own a share of the cow,
"<fontfamily><param>Arial</param><x-tad-bigger>the cost of a cow share
is $50.00.  One cow can accomodate about 25 shareholders, and we think
it makes sense to have the shares reflect the cost of a cow.  The
current market for a Jersey cow is between $1400 and $1750.00" Julie

</x-tad-bigger></fontfamily>The exception to this would be if a
current member wishes to sell you one of their shares which they
purchased for less in the beginning of this co-op.<fontfamily><param>Arial</param><x-tad-bigger>

monthly cost of the milk</color>; if you own 1/2 share (1 jar per
week) is $17.00 if you own a whole share (2 jars per week) is $34.00
if you own 1 1/2 share (3 jars per week) is $51.00, more quantities
available if want the figures.

If you desire to learn more about the benefits of raw milk first there
are a couple of good resources you can check out, the web site: and two books; The Milk Book by William Douglass MD. (at
Boulder's library) and The Untold Story of Milk, by Ron Schmid ND. The
web site has even more resources.

Paperwork detailing operating standards of the farm have been provided
to the co-op and is available to read.

They keep us informed about their testing of the milk here is the
latest count.

<fontfamily><param>Times New Roman</param>"We wanted to let you know
the most recent results of the bulk tank milk sample.  The standard
plate count was 570 cfu/g (colony forming units/ gram).  The coliform
count was less than one.  To remind you, the standard in the raw milk
community is for the standard plate count to be 10,000 cfu/g or less
and coliforms 50 or less.  After milk is pasteurized the standard
plate count is required to be 20,000 cfu/g or less"</fontfamily>

Other benefits of going to the farm;

The farm has their own store and also offers raw skim milk, their own
honey, eggs from their free range hens, various meats, fresh breads,
raw cream and colostrum when available, raw yogurt, cheese and some
non food items.

Kids enjoy going to the farm to see all the various animals, the
people are very kid friendly there.

If you have any question about joining please respond via this email
or call Yvonne or George @ 303-938-9658