Thursday, September 29, 2005

Re: [puma-news] Re: Cutting cost of living

Thanks Norman for your suggestions.
Also see for really low cost good supplements.

Oval Window Audio/Norman Lederman wrote:

Oval Window Audio/Norman Lederman wrote:

Hi Bonnie:

Your note from last week suggests an interest in exploring ways to reduce overhead (with an environmental consciousness) as the cost of living continues to climb.

Here are some ideas we are using now to reduce costs:

1.  Organic Produce Delivery:

There's a new service up here that delivers fresh organic produce (also some grains, coffee, honey, etc) once a week to your door at competitive prices (actually, if you factor in gas and time...they win).  They use locally farmed product whenever possible:

2.  Cell phone for emergency/minimal use...$10/month, free phone, no contract.  25 cents a minute for calls.  No charge for AAA or emergency calls.  Cingular service, seems to work in many areas up here (as recently covered by other emailers):

Consumer Cellular Phone:  1-800-686-4460

3.  Trash & Recyclables Pick up

I've been informed that One Way has a half price scale for pick up of one can a week.  Recyclables pick up is extra charge.
High Country Rubbish will pick up four 33 gallon bags and most recyclables at better than half the price of One Way.

Phone:  303-642-0303

4.  Buying supplements and other products at Whole Foods?

It's no secret that you can save more than 50% on line for the same products.  Here's one of many good sites:

5.  Paying for airplane tickets?

Practically all stores and services/utilities (including insurance companies, phone, propane...even the post office!) accept MasterCard/VISA.  Collect enough "air miles" and never pay for tickets again.  Here's an example of one:

No doubt other folks have lots of other ideas...

Aspen Meadows

Bonnie Sundance wrote:

Dear Puma Friends,
        I've been feeling a strong desire to meet with Puma people to discuss a number of matters.   I wonder if anyone else would like to meet and talk at a regular PUMA meeting time 1st Thursday of Oct. and/or Nov.
        Please let me know......

        Here are some topics I'd like to share about and hear from others about:
--Increasing opportunities to carpool....1x or more a week:  to save on oil/gas usage, to save people money and to build community

--introducing Boulder Skill Share, a way to exchange services with others on a time basis

--talking about alternative food shopping at the local Nederland and Boulder Cooperative markets

--increasing services being provided by and for our community here on Magnolia Rd. to cut down on having to travel to Boulder or Nederland


Bonnie Sundance
Caring for the Earth, all beings and working for Peace & Justice

[puma-news] Log Splitter

Hi All

Anybody have a log splitter? Or know of where to get one to use at the
best price available? Please let me know.


Terry Greenberg