Sunday, February 26, 2006

For all those train buffs out there

Two years ago, I struck up a conversation with a guy that was loaded down with video cameras. He was standing next to the Moffat tunnel, which was built about about 100 years ago to allow trains to get under the continental divide after leaving west out of Denver. At the time, it was a massive and expensive undertaking, but it has paid for itself many times over since.
Anyway, it turns out that he had taveled all the way from Italy (if memory serves) just to take video of trains.
Well, this is for all those train buffs out there.

Yes it was snowing and my friend walking by on her maiden snowshoe walk was an interesting sideline.

BTW, a minor gripe I have with Google videos is that they don't seem to tell you when your video has been approved. You just have to go back and check and at some point it just shows up. Still, its a great service since they take care of all the details about putting video on the web.