Wednesday, June 27, 2012

9news just came up here

I showed 9news a good place to get some footage of the fire from here.  Maybe I'll even make it into the news myself since they interviewed me about the flagstaff fire.

Map of the Flagstaff Fire

Here's something I've been looking for - a detailed terrain map of the location of the fire

Cool Time Lapse of the Boulder Flagstaff Fire

I shot this time lapse of the western side of the fire yesterday (Day 1).  I'm about 4 miles west of the fire, and alas, don't have the right telephoto lense for a better close up.  However the swirling smoke and clouds are fun to watch.  See the video here:

Another longer time lapse as seen from Boulder is at

Day 2 Morning Update of Boulder Flagstaff Fire

9 am.

The fire does not look like much from the west this morning.  However, there is a live video feed of it at:

Another live stream (not as close up) is at

I find this map quite useful.   I'm reporting from a orange square just off the left edge of the map.
Also, here's a number I'll be keeping handy:
Emergency Operations Center has activated a call center for residents and others impacted by the fire to obtain information. The phone number is 303-413-7730. People seeking fire and evacuation information are encouraged to call this number.