Tuesday, March 14, 2006

[puma-news] plants website

Hey Dan and Jennifer,

I'm glad you listened and finally put up that site Thankyou.

Here's the announcement email.

Dear Friends,
Dan finally succeeded, and here is the first part of this project. He
made me do it --- otherwise I'm sure I'd still be talking about it ten
years from now. Anyway, It isn't finished, probably never will be, and
it may contain inaccuracies which I hope to correct as time goes by. I'm
only up to the Mint family, and have to go all the way to Violet. I
think the Noxious Plant part is pretty much done. We plan to add a color
guide, but haven't gotten to it yet.

As you will notice, the accompanying text isn't in scientific jargon.
This is for two reasons. 1) I can't seem to stay serious, and 2) Dan
said he thought it would be more useful to more people if it isn't
strictly scientifically rigorous.

So, here's a beginning! Thanks to all of you who requested this. Send
me any comments, pro or con, that you wish. I'm moving to Africa now.