Saturday, August 13, 2005

[puma-news] PUMA status

Hi All,

I have recieved a note from Brian, our treasurer, that membership has
taken a nose dive, along with PUMA's bank account. We now have only 6
households who have paid their dues for 2005!

I suspect that PUMA has simply gone to sleep because we have no pressing
issues right now. In the past, we have battled the FAA, FERC, and USFS,
with a measure of success. While we didn't always get our way, we did
affect the outcomes of two major issues. DIA is more respectful of our
airspace, and USFS didn't clear-cut our whole forest (not that that is
what they were planning).
PUMA also puts on great parties, twice a year. It has been a factor in
creating a real sense of community up here. PUMA owns the lawn mower and
the weed whacker, and is making Plateau herbicide available to its
members, at half cost.

So, even while PUMA snoozes, that it can wake up when we need it, let us
( Dan & Jen too) check and see if we have overlooked our dues payments.

Please send your check ($24) to:

P.O.Box 536
Nederland, 80466

Best to everybody,