Monday, June 06, 2005

[puma-news] looking for a rental

After several visits with your neighbor and my good friend, Gretchen Spiro, I have decided to move to the Magnolia road area. I have fallen in love with your special neighborhood and plan to relocate from Virginia in August or September of this year. I am looking for a small place to rent to be my home.
Ideally, it would be a cabin or yurt, or possibly an apartment. With the right person I would consider sharing a home.
I am very responsible, single, quiet and have no pets.
I am a teacher of yoga, pilates and dance and a bookkeeper as well.
I will be visiting the area from June 15 -20 and would be happy to meet with you if you have anything you might consider renting.
I look forward to becoming a part of your beautiful neck of the woods soon.
Thanks so much,
Alicia Grayson
I met some of you at a New Year's eve party 6 months ago and felt so welcomed by everyone I talked with.