Monday, November 10, 2008


I've been exploring all kinds of new corners around here in the last few weeks.  I've even blogged about some of them. 

It's been fun seeing familiar sites from totally new angles.  ... and even seeing them with greater clarity then before.   My distance vision, although already fairly good, has recently improved.

I owe my new athletic energy, as well as other improvements to my health to an number of things I've recently discovered that work really well.   One of them is an antioxident called astaxanthin.

Another is a extremely potent "fish" oil called Moxxor.  I would never have believed that such a small quantity of oil could have such an energizing effect.  Moxxor is supposed to have lot's of "essential fatty acids" or EFAs.  I guess that the fats really are essential, and I've not been getting enough of them.