Sunday, July 10, 2005

[puma-news] Water hemlock

This beautiful and deadly member (Cicuta douglasii) of the carrot family
(Apiaceae) is present in our area in moist to wet places. I have seen
it along 68 by Cumberland Gap, in wet areas on Twin Sisters, and on 68
by Jimmy Keith's. It is most likely present in other places as well.
I am telling you this so that you will keep children and animals away
from this plant. Actually, animals probably won't eat it unless there's
nothing else, but it can also have an irritating affect on skin if they
are grazing near it. It should not be handled with bare hands.

Please don't go on a campaign to eradicate it unless you consult with
the County or experts at CSU. It is a native.

Other members of this family lives here as well. If you have any
questions, please call me. 303-442-7460


[puma-news] Anyone Having an Event?

Hi All

OK. This is a win-win possibility. I had paid a non-refundable deposit to
Spice of Life of over $2,000 for my daughter's wedding in late August. My
daughter called off the wedding and relationship. Oh, well. Good for
her. Bad financially for me.

Spice of Life said that if anyone orders a catering job or event at Spice
of Life, and says, "Terry Greenberg referrred me to you" they will subtract
whatever that catering job or event costs from the deposit and I will get
that amount reimbursed.

So check them out and if you are comparing estimates for catering or event
and it is within 20% of Spice of Life--I will pay the difference so that I
could get some (80%) money back. Call Spice of Life at 303-444-3452 and me
at 303-443-1409.

The food is really fantastic. We sampled a meal and it was so good--but
not good enough to have the wedding.


Terry Greenberg