Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Blowing Snow Closes Mountain Schools

It's been quite windy of late.  In fact, the below freezing temperatures and high winds (gusting to near huricane strengths) has been hard on the trees.  At about the half mile mark on Lazy Z, I saw one live tree pulled up by the roots.  Another tree had the top 20 feet snapped of.

Today there is a light snow with the wind.  This creates large swirling clouds of snow and near whiteout conditions.  I heard that this even caused the closing of mountain area schools around here.

Fortunetly, I recently cut down some trees from the forest below the house.  I've cut, chopped and stacked them on the deck.  It's enough to keep us nice and tosty warm.  Aside from a little work, they did not cost me anything, so I don't mind cranking the heat up a bit.