Sunday, October 09, 2005

RE: [puma-news] Snowplowing

That's great! Remember to take good care of whoever it is, so they'll come
back next year <g>.


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John and Wally and other Pumites,
I located a snowplow company who will come over here.
Mark at Sno-busters 303 258-3777. He came by and gave me an estimate.
He will be doing 2 houses here on Pine Glade so far - from Coal Creek I
Joy wrote:

>I seem to remember someone asking for snowplowing resources, since
Sugarloaf is no longer doing that in this area. Were there any responses?
If so, we are interested, too.
>Thanks, John and Wally

[puma-news] free firewood

I have a large, dry, mostly cut up tree if someone would
like it for firewood and can come and get it.
Joy 303 258-0717