Monday, August 22, 2005

[puma-news] Dues

We need a memory jog: How much are the dues and to whom do we send them?

Thanks, Wally and John

RE: [puma-news] The Meeting for the Grant is September 6th

Mitzi and I are returning form Wyoming that day -- depending on our departure/arrival we will attempt to make the meeting.  Thanks!

From:  Terry Greenberg <>
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Subject:  [puma-news] The Meeting for the Grant is September 6th
Date:  Sat, 20 Aug 2005 15:52:24 -0600
>>Hi All  Thanks to Debbie Ching I am nopw specifying the date of the
>>Dorothy Whalen has made a great beginning on the communtiy outline
>>for a plan so that we can attach it to the CWPP grant.  The area is
>>shown in the attached map so that we can make this workable this
>>first time, i.e., not too big.
>>Please remember to schedule coming to our meeting for this grant
>>where we will go over what we have put together thus far and then  
>>add some people's concerns.  We are hoping to see a whole lot of
>>people at the update meeting very close to the deadline of
>>September 12th.  This will be September 6th, Tuesday, at 6:30 PM at
>>my house at 943 Pine Glade Road.  Please RSVP and if you need more
>>information please call at 303-443-1409.
>>Thanks for your efforts and interest and keep talking to neighbors
>>who want their name included.
>>Terry Greenberg<grantmap.jpg>
>Deborah Ching
>PO Box 372
>Nederland, CO  80466

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