Sunday, July 17, 2005

[puma-news] Wild Hollyhock

Here is the wild version of those wonderful plants that grew all around
small towns when we (you know who I mean) were kids. Find these in wet
places with the Richardson's geranium.


[puma-news] Richardson's geranium

Look for this gem in wet places.


[puma-news] Nodding Onion

These are in various stages of bloom right now, in meadows and in the
woods, singly and in groups. They resemble pearls.

Onions used to be lilies, but they struck out on their own and are now
Alliaceae. However, an onion by any name is still an onion.


[puma-news] Bergamot

This member of the Lamiaceae, or mint, family, looks good from a
distance, but a closer look reveals flowers that develop "bedhead" to an
astonishing degree. Maybe it's the millions of bees that carouse in
their midst. These are now in full bloom around our area.
Monarda is also called "horsemint," and "beebalm." I like the name
"bergamot" pronounced by Cherie as "bergameaux," or something like
that. Being a mint, it is no relation to the citrus used to flavor Earl
Grey tea. Can you imagine a mint-flavored orange?