Monday, October 24, 2005

[puma-news] Fwd: Important! Fair Elections Petition

I am forwarding this on, as it is an issue I am very concerned about.
If you don't like signing petitions, you can go to the website just to
read more about the new House Bill, and then call or write your Rep.

Begin forwarded message:

</color>Important! Fair Elections Petition


Hi Folks

I don't usually spam folks anymore about political things, but this one

seems simple and so effects our rights for have our vote counted as it

intended, the root of a democratic society. It's very easy to sign the

petition - the link goes straight to the site. If you see fit, please

this one on.


This petition is for a national law giving us voter verified paper

by 2006. Many of our current voting machines are DRE's (Direct

Electronic systems) which do not produce a record of individual votes

all. Other systems have optical scan ballots, but only the vote total

produced by the ballot scanning software is ever counted. The GAO

to warn that we are too reliant on voting software and that errors can

become certified election results.

HB550 would require that ballots be the vote of record upon which we

our election results. The petition's website is: .

Please let your voice be heard in Washington by signing this petition,

forwarding the link. People of all political affiliations are
interested in

this bill. After all, nothing is more reflexive to the American
psyche than

counting everyone's vote.

Thank you for helping to make verifiable elections a reality!



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