Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Cats and Dogs

It is now raining cats and dogs and there is a lot of lightning.  I'm sure the firefighters are waiting it out in the thick trees right now. However, the ran is doing a great job of putting out any remaining smolders.

Lighting Delay

The 26 remaining fire fighters paused work while there was lightning danger.  But as of 3:30, they are back on the job putting out every last ember.

The yellow dots above are the fire fighters. They also have a ATV (middle) that is running back and forth across my yard with supplies.

Fire out.

The helicopter just left.  I can see the firemen leaving too.

Thanks everyone for all this quick work. This one was a bit to close to home.

Out by 2 pm

There are about 40 firefighters working the fire.  It is 24% contained as of 15 minutes ago.  They expect to have it out by 2 pm today .

They've put the helicopter on standby because there are no more large burning areas.


Lots of resources

There are a lot of firemen working the fire now, and a bucket helicopter is dropping water on it every few minutes.  Gross res. is a convenient local source of water for the helicopter.

Picture of Balancing Beam Rock Fire

Turns out I go hiking up to the exact area of the fire almost every day. 

The location of the fire is at the center of this map",+Nederland,+CO&hl=en&ll=39.953062,-105.416456&spn=0.002883,0.006968&sll=38.997934,-105.550567&sspn=5.983647,14.27124&oq=198&t=w&hnear=1987+Lazy+Z+Rd,+Nederland,+Colorado+80466&z=18

New Fire Near Here

I just talked to a fireman at the gate end of Lazy Z.  "There is a fire up on the hill, and I would get out of our way since there will be a bunch of fire trucks coming."

I turned around and almost ran into two fire trucks coming the towards me.