Wednesday, August 10, 2005

[puma-news] Grant Writing Underway

Hi Members of PUMA

We are in the grant writing phase for the Community Wildfire Protection
Plan (CWPP ) in order to make our mountain community safer and
healthier. We need all the input from you to create the plan to represent
our needs. Any volunteers to help us now? Please call or e-mail us. "Us"
is and Dorothy, and Parmeta,

All members of PUMA or members of our community that you know are urged to
come to the meeting to learn about the plan and what has been put together
thus far. We can add some more to it as you make your ideas known. Note
that this outline of a plan must be submitted to the State Forest Service
by September 12, 2005 so we're working very hard.

The meeting will be September 6th, Tuesday at 6:30 PM at my house at 943
Pine Glade Road. Please RSVP so I can know how many to expect.

I thank you in advance for your input and participation to keep our
mountain land safer for our homes and the environment around them.

Terry Greenberg