Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Never race a cat down the mountain

Zoe (who is one of our two cats) and I take a half our walk to Balancing Beam Rock most days.

The last 100 yards back go down the steep Alpine slope of Winiger Ridge.

Zoe loves to race down the slope at top speed. I like to go racing after her, but she always wins. That's because a cat's speed on level ground can be over 30 miles an hour. I can only imagine what her speed is going down hill. Needless to say, I can't run that fast. But it doesn't stop me from racing her - until now.

Today, she suddenly stopped about a quarter of the way down. I put on the brakes myself to keep from running over her. But my ankle gave out and I found myself on the ground. By the time I limped back to the house, I my ankle had swollen huge from a sprain.

I got out a cane to so I could limp around the house.

Then, I put ice on the ankle and kept in elevated for an hour. The swelling went down and I was able to walk again. I suspect that the Moxxor and Astaxanthin I take also helped.

In other news: I watched the Perseid's for a few minutes. The sky was almost clear and quite dark. It was a good show.