Saturday, July 02, 2005

[puma-news] Houndstongue

This invasive plant is truly noxious. It makes horrid burrs and is
toxic to livestock. Fortunately, it is easy to get rid of. Dig it up
and dispose of it.
If you have time and energy, you can look for next year's plants, which
are basal rosettes this year. Every one you dig up will be one less to
deal with next summer.


[puma-news] Native thistles

These thistles belong here. They are enjoyed by insects and some hardy
critters that can deal with prickles.

Unfortunately, the biological control introduced for musk thistle also
attacks wavy leaf (circium undulatum) thistle. If you break open the
base of a flower, you will find the grubs eating the seeds.


[puma-news] noxious thistles

Look around and you will see these plants. These are our most common
invasive thistles up here, not to be confused with native thistles
(separate email). Musk thistle is also called nodding thistle. Canada
thistle has small flowerheads, lavender, pink, or white.

Canada thistle is a perennial! This means that pulling or digging will
only encourage it, as such action breaks the roots into small pieces
which go on to become even MORE thistles. We recommend cutting, to
prevent seed formation. Bag all flower and seed heads.

Musk thistle is an annual, so pull, dig, stomp, swear --- and bag all
flower/seed heads.

If you want to spray, Curtail or Redeem are good choices; I'm not sure
whether Puma has any left --- check with Dan.

Puma has backpack sprayers, a weed whacker, and a mower with a bag on
it. They live at Terry's house, and there should be a sign-out sheet
for each. They are kept very busy!


[puma-news] Allium geyeri

This lovely wild onion is just getting started. It does not bend at the
top of the stem below the flowers, as does Allium cernuum. Nodding
onion blooms later.
Onions have moved from the Lily family to Alliaceae.


[puma-news] roto-tiller


Is there anyone in the Magnolia area that has a roto-tiller that they
would be willing to loan or rent out to a neighbor (us) for a day or
two? Our little Mantis tiller isn't working right now, and its a lot of
trouble to go down to town to rent one for a few hours. We would sure
appreciate it.