Thursday, September 15, 2005

[puma-news] Got Cheatgrass?

It is now a good time to work on your cheatgrass! PUMA has a mower and 3
sprayers available to use. If possible you should mow down infestations
first (collecting and disposing of the seeds). Then spray a mixture of
Plateau herbicide,Seed Oil and water, also available from PUMA. The cost
will be $2 per gallon of mix if you are a dues-paying member of PUMA.
Others will pay $4 per gallon. A full sprayer (3 gallons) should cover
1/4 acre, so most people should get by with one or two fills.

Call Terry (303-443-1409) or Dan (303-442-7460) to reserve a sprayer or
the mower, and to get detailed instructions on the best way to proceed.