Monday, July 04, 2005

[puma-news] weed to be whacked

I know you're out there, oh weed whacker, and I know you live to whack
weeds. Little else could make your engine tremble with such excitement,
your cord whip so endlessly around. But I know not where you are. In
transition, is what I have heard, but has the transit taken place? Are
there weeds being whacked somewhere? Is it possible that your possessor
could inform me of when and perhaps where I might obtain you, oh little
whirling dervish, so that my weeds could have their desire to remain
unwhacked whacked? Where for art thou, oh weed whacker. How many weeds
could a weed whacker whack if a weed whacker could...

Scott Campbell Reuman
Conundrum Designs, Inc.
Nederland, CO

[puma-news] plateau herbicide

So far response has been positive. Most probable action will be that
PUMA will purchase some and distribute it to members for half cost. We
still haven't found clear mixing instructions!


P.S. Our internet has been erratic, so excuse us if we don't respond
immediately. Call us if it's urgent! 303-442-7460

Re: [puma-news] Plateau herbicide

I would be very interested in going in on this. Bay 303-883-3312- 1703 twin sisters
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I agree with David - if its 4 oz to the acre, the minimum buy is 8 acres.  If not through PUMA, then maybe through one of us.  You know, put it up in 1 oz baggies and sell it on the corner of Magnolia and 68J for 20 bucks a pop. 
Don Van Wie
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The Rainfall Company
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Cc: Jennifer and Dan
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Hi Jennifer,

At 4 ounces per acre, I couldn't even come close to using a quart.  I suspect
most of us only have small parts of our acreage affected by cheat grass.  So
perhaps puma could make the initial investment and then request a minimum
donation (say $20) for its use.  Puma would make a little money that could be
used for other projects, and the rest of us would save money.  (And the cheat
grass would be gone.)  Win win.



Quoting Jennifer and Dan <>:

> Dear friends,
> Plateau can be ordered online from Prairie Source (
> Cost:
> 1 gallon  $340
> 1 Quart  $125
> This is the first source I have checked out, but it gives us an idea
> what to expect.  Pricey, huh?
> "According to university tests, cheatgrass can be sprayed in the spring,
> but better control is achievable in the late summer and early fall.
> ---uses four ounces of product per acre---"  Shane Novacek   PRIMEDIA
> Business Magazines & Media
> One ( me?) assumes that it gets mixed with water.
> Should PUMA buy some for all of us?  Or should we go it alone?
> Discussion open.
> Your opinions, please --- as a first step.
> Best,
> J

[puma-news] Penstemon virens

This is the small blue-flowered penstemon that is blooming in woods
right now.


[puma-news] Penstemon virgatus

This is the tall penstemon that is beginning to bloom up here.

I previously lumped with this the penstemon that blooms along Magnolia
up to about half-wway, but 'tain't so. That one is P. secunifloris. It
has a fuzzy staminode. Silly me.


[puma-news] hardwood for sale

Still have 2 cords of dried, split hardwood elm for $200 per cord to
deliver today (July 4).

[puma-news] Bitterbrush

Finishing up now, this member of the Rosaceae can be seen in the woods.
It's our low growing shrub with yellow flowers. Beginning to bloom now
is Ceanothus fendleri, which is a low growing shrub with white flowers.


[puma-news] Wild Grape

This native plant,Vitis riparia, is growing along with the poison ivy on
the wide right hand pull-out on Lower Magnolia. Its family, Vitaceae,
includes Virginia creeper, which is an alien ornamental common around