Monday, June 15, 2009

Goji Experience & the 3 bear little bears, Part One

Last Friday, I sent out the following request for help to my neighbors:

Hi fellow neighbours and wildlife watchers,

Our filming of a user experience with "Goji Experience" (A weight loss and anti-aging supplement) was interrupted by a wild (and very cute) bear cub at about 1 minute 20 seconds into the taping. You can see the video taken earlier today at

We dropped what we were doing and immediately focused on the bear cub. He looked to weigh about 20 - 25 pounds and was obviously very hungry... and lost. Sadly, we never did see the mother.

The cub left after about 10 minutes. After the bear cub left, we continued our taping for "Goji Experience" The temptation was great to feed the cub, since he was still so young. But cubs turn into bears... which then would not be afraid of humans. That would be bad. The cub is still afraid of strange large animals. That is why you see him try to climb the tree after standing up to get a better look at me.

Any suggestions or comments?

- Mike

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