Thursday, October 26, 2006

RE: [puma-news] power?

Did the power go out? ;-)

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Power just came back along Aspen Meadows!

I agree. Between the Amendment 37 rebates and Federal tax credits solar

electric is more affordable than ever. With the cost of electricity
rising and gas/propane prices soaring the breakeven analysis gets
better. Even if you got a minimal system you could still have a battery

backup system for your essential appliances.

For example, at my all electric house, we couldn't run the major
appliances such as range, microwave, dishwasher, furnace, hot water
heater but we were able to run our refrigerator for a number of hours.
And we were never out of lights/computers/internet/telephones and other
smaller appliances. Our cistern pump was also backed up so we had
water, too.

There are several homes up along Magnolia who have solar battery backup
systems. If you need guidance we can provide it.

Solar hot water, better insulation, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and

replacing older appliances are other areas of savings that may provide
better ROI than photovoltaic. However, the convenience factor of having

battery backup makes working at home much more practical.

greg wrote:
> Time to go to solar power!!!
> Barbara Warren, Twin Sisters Road
>> 2 hrs here as well on Cumberland Gap off of CR 68
>> Paul DeLong
>> Accuer, Inc.
>> 1942 Broadway, Ste. 208
>> Boulder, CO 80302
>> Ph 303-323-4296 x4
>> Fax 303-323-4297
>> Cell 303-859-0052
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>> We've been without power for 2 hours on
>> Lazy Z. Curious about how widespread this
>> is and whether there are any indications
>> of when it might be fixed.
>> Clark Chapman
>> 11 am Thurs.

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