Saturday, July 02, 2005

[puma-news] noxious thistles

Look around and you will see these plants. These are our most common
invasive thistles up here, not to be confused with native thistles
(separate email). Musk thistle is also called nodding thistle. Canada
thistle has small flowerheads, lavender, pink, or white.

Canada thistle is a perennial! This means that pulling or digging will
only encourage it, as such action breaks the roots into small pieces
which go on to become even MORE thistles. We recommend cutting, to
prevent seed formation. Bag all flower and seed heads.

Musk thistle is an annual, so pull, dig, stomp, swear --- and bag all
flower/seed heads.

If you want to spray, Curtail or Redeem are good choices; I'm not sure
whether Puma has any left --- check with Dan.

Puma has backpack sprayers, a weed whacker, and a mower with a bag on
it. They live at Terry's house, and there should be a sign-out sheet
for each. They are kept very busy!


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