Wednesday, October 05, 2005

[puma-news] Please Vote Yes on Ballot 5A!

Dear Neighbors,
If you are in the library district (you got a yellow postcard recently if
you are), you will have a chance to vote on Ballot Issue 5A. This issue
would enable Nederland Community Library to collect the full amount of
taxes that we voters overwhelmingly approved in 2002.

The community library has grown and increased its services to the
community and surrounding areas, but does need the full allotment of taxes
that approval of Ballot 5A would garner in order to cover its operating

I have been involved in the library on a volunteer basis as well as a
patron. We are fortunate to now have a staffed library with great
resources for kids, young adults, adults and seniors - let's do what we
can to keep that going!

Please show your support of the library by voting yes for ballot issue 5A
and encouraging everyone else you know to do the same! Remember that this
election is mail-in only, so send your ballot in by October 27th to be
sure your vote will count.

If you have questions about the initiative I'd be happy to try and answer

Thanks for your support,
Susie Gallaudet
881 Pine Glade Rd.

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