Thursday, September 08, 2005

[puma-news] New Orleans Musician Relief



Dear Neighbors,

I am organizing this effort in conjunction with Danielle Laramie who has been a Magnolia Road resident for more than 20 years. She married Coco Robicheaux, a New Orleans musician and is helping to disperse these funds to that community. There is so much help needed everywhere in the area but this is a way you can help a small group of people directly and make a great impact.

Please donate what you can!      Parmita Pushman


New Orleans is not only the most seminal city in the history of American music – but one that has consistently supported a lively population of musicians who make their living playing in the city’s many clubs and around the region. These are skilled musicians who go out and play each night and come home with 50 or 100 dollars to support themselves and their family.  Some of these players number among our national treasures in blues and jazz.


Many of these musicians have now lost their means to make a living, not to mention their homes and in many cases, their equipment to play live gigs. They often have a slow season over the summer and relied on the fall income to make it through the year. We hope to fill the gap between the larger efforts on a national basis and the direct immediate reality of these great artists to carry on now.


The Leela Foundation is a non-profit organization in Boulder Colorado and through a network of people who are intimately involved with that music community we are compiling a list of musicians in need. The money will be distributed directly to the musicians on a case by case basis with no overheads or operating cost taken out or extensive paperwork for the musicians to apply. This is a labor of love and compassion.  All donations are tax-deductible.


Here are the ways you can help:

  • Make a donation       Send checks to:        Leela Foundation/New Orleans

                                                                                    6395 Gunpark Drive Suite A

                                                                                    Boulder CO 80301

Please be sure and include your return address for the tax-deductible receipt


  • Let us know about a musician in need of help
  • Donate equipment
  • Set up gigs for displaced artists


There will soon be a web site set up with a posting board of needs and locations at (the home of New Orleans based Coco Robicheaux). Meanwhile you can e-mail me with any offers, needs or if you would like to make a credit card donation at


Thanks for all you love and support

Parmita Pushman and Danielle Laramie





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