Friday, July 01, 2005

RE: [puma-news] Sleeping Bat

Several years ago, I was replacing a screen in a SW facing window on the
third floor. I happened to stick my head out a bit, and noticed a bat
between the copper rain gutter and the house (about a foot from me). He gave
me a "don't bother me" look, so I didn't, but it great to see the face up
close. They are busy little beavers from twilight until sunrise. I cheer
them on.


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> I had one of these sweet little bats fly into my house last year
> and it was
> a delicate rescue operation. They are really a great miracle of nature!
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> Even after 5 years of installing a bat house on supposedly a sunny
> morning spot, I've never spotted a bat using it. Early this morning,
> Debbie spotted a bat sleeping on our tree near the bedroom...right out
> in the open at eye level! And it was on the northwest side of the tree
> which wasn't where we would have expected it. The head is pointed
> downward in these two photos.
> Bats are great for killing mosquitoes if you wonder why encourage them.
> greg

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